My Career Goals

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My career goals are to become a health teacher/coach. Ever since I was a little boy I always had dreams of one day become a professional sports coach. I love the game of basketball and have been playing for many years. Although becoming a professional coach at the higher level might be a little far fetch, becoming a middle school coach and teacher is just as fine because I am still able to teach others about the game I love. Teaching is my passion and I also love to stay fit. Being able to teach and explain to children how important staying healthy in this health conscience society, is just one goal I have always wanted. I see myself being a health instructor long term, influencing and promoting good health strategies. This will motivate my students to live healthier lifestyles and bring awareness of the benefits of the importance of living a healthy wholesome lifestyle.
To become a health teacher and or coach, I will be required to attain an alternative certification and pass the Texas State Teachers Certification test in Health, and have a bachelor’s degree in Health Science. Education is exceptionally important because if we expect a healthy population then people must become educated about health and health care. Hamman, M. (2016).
If we are going to promote healthy communities we must educate our people. We know that communities who have few resources and lower income households often times do not get the correct training about health care. Hamman, M. (2016).

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