My Career Goals For Students With Community Outreach Programs

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My major is professional development. I enjoy engaging and building rapport with people and understanding their values to make a difference to better their environment. In education I have learned to encourage others, explore and use interactive activities to demonstrate various ways to experience diversity. Interdisciplinary studies allows me to analyze, educate, and integrate cultural in a diverse communities. This semester I am taking an introduction to interdisciplinary studies, an interpersonal skills in leadership, analytical and information literacy, interdisciplinary critical thinking, and a capstone internship partnership courses, which helps me professionally. My capstone internship is, in counseling, at an elementary school. I like volunteering and working with community outreach programs. Education is a complex problem I will identify how to improve academic struggles in academics and peer victimization. My educational and career goals are in teaching elementary k-6 and work in my community to improve awareness in developing partnership. I didn’t met the requirements to pursue a teaching a degree, therefore, I changed my degree path to interdisciplinary studies. My career goal is to foster new ideas through networking, continue my career path in teaching, and receive a Master’s in Education.

Professional development is my concentration of study. My educational residency classes prepared me to use meta-cognition analysis, strategies and experiences from the…
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