My Career Goals For The Field Of Engineering

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1) What are your career goals? How might E2/MITES/MOSTEC help you attain these goals?
I currently have several skills in many aspects in the field of engineering. Most of these skills are in the area of computer science with languages such as Java, C#, HTML, and JavaScript. Throughout my current exposure, I have learned engineering has several different possibilities in terms of choosing a major to focus in, and a career to pursue but have never completely experienced how each of these areas are learned or applied into real world applications. My goal is to discover what aspect of engineering would best be applicable for the strengths and abilities I have so that I am able to focus most of my ability into that specific area so that I can greatly excel by working on exactly what I need to in order to flourish in this career field.
We are typically instructed that there is one correct way to complete a task and we should only follow the path of others. With this type of mindset, our society would never improve and only rely only on what is already known which is very problematic when new problems arise. My goal is to continually strengthen my problem solving so that in my career field I can continually provide advancements to supplement growth in several areas.
E2/MITES/MOSTEC would help me improve my mindset in a way so that rather than only doing what is known or has been discovered, I would take the approach using what is known or has been discovered…

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