My Career Goals : My Goals To College

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When I picture myself in the future I see a women who is education and strong, somebody who knows what she is doing and can be the boss. My goals describe the type of inspiration I have, the perseverance to be the best and to love what I do. I want to graduate with my business degree from a school that will teach me and give me the education that I deserve. My goals are to have a career that i’m proud of and where I can earn a good amount of money while knowing that I did my job right. This journey is not going to be easy, but that is what makes the outcome so special. So far I have had many challenges related to school, work, and my personal life. School does not come naturally to me, but no matter what I try my hardest. A 3.6 GPA might me average or even low considered to some people but to me it is an accomplishment. I work hard for my grades and I will continue to do so throughout my time at school. Working 30 hours a week and going to school full-time is a huge battle for me, but it has taught me a lot. It’s all about time management, no matter what I know that I have to get my assignments in on time and to study for exams, so I always make that my first priority. Working has also taught me that I have to be responsible for myself and that nobody is going to take the blame for me, after a few months I learned how to be a more independent person, I believe that this will help me tremendously in the business world. One way that I try to help myself out is by having my

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