My Career Goals Of Becoming An Applied Social Psychologist

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Personal Statement
A few years ago, my future and my goals were clear: I would graduate in 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and pursue a career in therapeutic counseling. However, my plans were altered after I was exposed to the research side of psychology. I was drawn in by the psychological insight shed on tragedies like the holocaust, why no witnesses helped Kitty Genovese after she had been stabbed, how a rape victim can misremember his or her assailant, and possible solutions to decrease prejudiced attitudes. What once seemed like “the mysterious way life works,” could suddenly be explored and better understood through scientific research. This intriguing field continues to answer tough questions and offer solutions on
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My ambition and passion have carried me to where I am today. Only taking three years to complete my undergraduate degree from Olivet Nazarene University, upon graduating in May, I will receive a Bachelor of Science in psychology, a second major in sociology, and a minor in statistics. Currently, I am employed as a chemistry teaching assistant and a psychology academic coach. Having the opportunity to assist students with material that I find so intriguing is a great experience and a joy. I have learned valuable skills such as empowering students to form new study habits when needed, the preparation involved in facilitating a classroom, and techniques in helping diverse students learn the course material. Within Olivet’s Department of Psychology, I am conducting my own quantitative research project, titled: The Effects of Music and Training on Stress, Performance, and Cognitive Interference. Throughout this project, I have continued to grow in my understanding of research design, what it takes to execute a study, and gained experience with SPSS data analysis. A research paper for this project will be completed soon. Upon completion of my present research, I will be conducting another research experiment in February 2017. In addition to my own research projects, I am currently a research assistant for Dr. Alison Young Reusser. My passion for learning attracts me to research. Research is an opportunity to continually learn and
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