My Career Goals Of Education In High School

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Education has always been something of great importance now in today's society and for those who are just beginning their journey through high school, it is a great idea to give them advice from seniors. This way they know that high school is not something to be afraid of that instead to be proud of. My education from kindergarten to 12 grade has been filled with emotions as well as new experiences that prepare me for life. Some of which taught me to not be afraid to stand in front of a crowd and to speak my mind. Also speaking of education one of my biggest career goals is to become a pediatrician mostly because kids bring joy to the world they so innocent and to see them become sick is just terrible. I want to become a pediatrician because i like to take care of people and to see them get better is just joy into my world.

Freshman are always seen as the underdog's seniors see them as vulnerable but in fact, they are more than that they are stronger than what i thought. When i mentored the freshman i was surprised by their stories the freshman i mentored named Oscar told me he had family members in Mexico city and he has not been able to locate them and he mentioned this has made his high school life difficult. I saw this opportunity to give him advice about the situation he was going through. I told him that he needs to move forward because if he still is living in the past it will begin to hold him back making him not achieve his goal and his response was very mature he

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