My Career In A Pharmacy As A Career

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My decision to pursue pharmacy as a career started with my first job. I got hired at a retail store shortly after my 18th birthday, and one month later was hired as a cashier in the pharmacy. This start in pharmacy was completely unplanned, but overly welcome to me at 18 with no plans for the future. Due to strange circumstances I was pushed strait into a technician training program that was finally completed 5 years later, also due to strange circumstances.

For the 11 years I have been working in some capacity in the pharmacy field, I have enjoyed almost ever single day of it and have never dreaded going to work the next day. There was no doubt in my mind that I would spend the rest of my working days in a pharmacy or some field that makes pharmacy better.

For the first 5 years of my pharmacy technician career I was happy with the limited role in pharmacy that being a technician provides; however, that changed as I matured into an adult. In this time I volunteered for the Benton County Juvenile Detention Center as a peer counselor determining proper punishments for youths with minor offenses. This leadership role gave me the confidence for my next major decision in life.

I knew in my early 20's that I needed an actual career; something more fulfilling than the role of a technician. I realized that I just needed the education to expand my knowledge in the field of pharmacy to achieve my career goals. It was then in early 2005 that I started getting ready for my first year into college to start the prerequisite requirements for pharmacy school.

Being that I had been out of high school for almost 7 years at this point I had to re learn math all over again to begin the science requirements. This and a full-time job made my prerequisite experience a very long and grueling journey. This has shown me perseverance and dedication to a goal; as well as patience and organization.

I have now almost totally completed my required prerequisites and many other courses that I taken along the way. This journey has taken me through three different local colleges across Washington Sate. This transitioning from school to school has given me the skills of getting along with strangers and making fast friends and associates. I

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