My Career In Accounting

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Within every croup of individuals, whether it is a group of friends, a team of work colleagues or a team of volunteers, each person always has a role to play. While volunteering as a treasurer for a small non-profit, I always find myself wanting to play various roles as a part of the team. Aside from my duties of fundraising, financial budgeting, applying for grants, and filing taxes, I always aid the team in organizing youth conferences, being a mentor, recruiting volunteers, marketing on social media, coordinating vendors and collecting funds at events. I assume this volunteer role as “team player” and making decisions in the organization by always being involved and knowledgeable within all aspects of the organization. I want to be in…show more content…
The idea of playing a role in providing guidance to my fellow coworkers on how to invest their money for a positive cause was interesting to me. This was one of the driving factors that opened my eyes to wanting to become a leader to help a business make investment decisions. I am interested in the professional MBA program because of the emphasis on leadership development. I feel that I could bring an open-minded, analytical, and business-like approach to the program while also developing a management style and strategic thinking skills, since I eventually want to earn a managerial position in the Finance department. With the cohort format of the program, I will have the competitive advantage to progress on my career path to finance manager quicker than most since it offers an array of classes specifically designed for finance and management. The Admissions Director, Argy Russell, particularly drew my attention to this format when she explained the purpose of the distance learning tool of the curriculum as being designed for me as a working professional to formulate thought-provoking answers to case studies or having virtual group discussions with classmates on a specified topic. Another part of the reason I’m applying is because the company that I currently work for has an international presence so I welcome the opportunity to study globally. I’m also open to
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