My Career In Pharmacy

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“I promise to devote myself to a lifetime of service to others through the profession of pharmacy” was an oath I took two years ago when I graduated as a pharmacist from Jordan University of Science and Technology, but the preparation to fulfill it started since my first day in undergrad school, as my ultimate goal in life is to provide people with best health within my possibilities. In order to be able to stand still behind my promise, I have been working hardly since then on my education, personal traits and professional development. During my 5 years of undergrad studies, I spent countless hours working hard to understand everything thoroughly and be the best in my batch, I have been always in the top 1% of my class and graduated with honors as the 3rd best student out of 332. However, for me that wasn’t enough to attain my upcoming commitment as I knew that having only good scores in college isn’t going to build a forceful and professional individual. Thus, regardless of living in a community with gender stereotypes that complexed my life as a female, I was determined and strong enough to seek opportunities that will help my further advancement. To do so, I managed to get several overseas internships during my undergrad studies by myself without any help or recommendations from my professors, as such activities for undergrads are extremely rare in our country. The aim of my first two internships as a volunteer was to further grow personally through interacting with

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