My Career Journey

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Throughout my own personal career journey, I have met and worked with many wonderful people. Many challenges that I have overcome because of the help they gave me. There was a lot that I learned about youth development, working alongside these individuals. There was one person that from the moment we met, we knew that we were going to be an effective team and accomplish many things that would help the students we provided services for. As her assistant I learned to be assertive in a leadership role, to make decisions that would help the program succeed, and to create partnerships with other organizations that provide resources, not just for the students, also their families.
The person that I chose to interview, her name is ‘Michelle.’ She was not just my supervisor, she became my mentor and the person I can count on for any advice I needed regarding the field of youth development.
How I met my interviewee, Michelle (pseudonym) I went through a rough experience in my life that affected me emotionally. At the time I was unemployed; I was looking for a new opportunity that was within the field of working with children. My mother found out through a friend that she was looking for new staff and advised me to contact her. I met with her, discussed my background, and from there a new journey began. ‘Michelle’ is a Hispanic female of Dominican descent. She is married with four children. She has worked in the field of youth development for more than 10 years. She is passionate
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