My Career Of Pediatric Surgery

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“Mom , I want to be just like her when I grow up” I said as we were leaving the doctor’s office for an annual check up . From then on, I knew I wanted to bee a children’s doctor. I didn 't know what the profession was called at such a young age, but as I grew up I learned that the official name was, Pediatrician. I knew this was my career since I was eight years old. Since then, I have landed on a career of Pediatric surgery. Being a pediatric surgeon requires a lot of time and energy. Pediatric surgeons are required to know the fundamentals of surgery but also have the patience and willingness to care for children. Pediatric surgeons work along with oncologist , trauma surgeons , neonatal and prenatal…show more content…
Once I’m in medical school, the first two years are called the fundamentals of medicine course requirements. I 'll be taking classes like human genetics , introduction to health care and immunology and microbiology. The third year is the principal clinical experience. I 'll be taking classes like medicine and surgery , neurology , and radiology . My final year I will take advanced medicine or advanced pediatrics .Then I’ll have to take an exam. After medical school I going to need to enter a residency program consisting of 5 years with one year internship. During this internship and residency I will be doing hands on work , actually being with the patients and assisting in surgeries to train me to do solo surgeries. Im going to need to have a love for kids to do this career. Children can be very scared and frightened in the hospital and will need someone there that can take someone of the stress away.Some skills that I will need to do my best in this field are , good communications skills. I will have to be able to talk to the parents but also the child. According to , a pediatrocoan must watch what a child says but also watch what the child doesnt say. I will need to understand diverse cultures. Because I will working with many people from different backgrounds , I have to be prepared for
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