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Throughout my life, there have been many influences that have challenged and uplifted me into the person I am today. These experiences have brought about making me stronger and guiding me into the career I want to pursue. There have also been many individuals and situations that I’ve been a part of that has made me the person I am today pursuing my masters in community counseling. Everything that has happened to me was for a reason and has shaped my career path and outlook on life, it has helped me be a better person and to also build my own identity of being a counselor. This paper will be a guide to my career path and how it has progressed throughout my lifespan. In this paper, I will also give examples and situations that I was a part…show more content…
This work experience has given me great insight, not just the documentation aspect of working but also to better my communication skills with other people.
The education aspect of my career path was essential for me because it allowed me to get stronger at my skills and learn things about myself that I had not known before. The past education that I started was at UW Marinette; this college first offered me good writing skills and things that I needed to learn about myself. I then had the opportunity to attend the University of Green Bay and received my Bachelors in Psychology and a minor in human development. Attending this University offered excellent educations into multiple psychology classes. When it comes to my learnings, attending various psychology classes gave me the framework for deciding that I wanted to peruse my masters in community counseling. The knowledge that I have recovered from the past not only contributed to the courses I’ve taken but also the education I have received at my past and current jobs. For one of my jobs, received teachings on documentation and this helped me too when I will be in the field of community counseling. I will need to document and remember what is being said during the interactions with my clients. I have also been a part of

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