My Career Path For A Pediatric Nurse

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For my career path, I chose to be a Pediatric Nurse. I chose to be a Pediatric Nurse , because on this job , you have to have a positive attitude , you get to stay active, and I enjoy working with kids and infants. Nurses also get an everyday challenge and continue learning throughout their career, which makes it even more attempting and interesting. Job duties of a Pediatric Nurse would include supporting young patients by explaining their conditions , treatment options , provide emotional support depending on treatment plan, administer medication , and consult with patients and their families to develop and maintain healthy living habits. The salary income for my career would be around $79,700.00 dollars. According to my budget , after every month , I would have around 2,000,00 dollars left over. Some of my expenses would be Mortgage, electricity , water , groceries , insurance , car payments , college , myself , and a few others. For my career, there are required courses that I have to take but also some that I should take. The five important courses that are important to my future career would be math, Science , English , Two or more years of foreign language , and maybe speech. Some extra significant ideas to help me further in education would be to take computer classes or go and get credits at the Greene Technology Center by taking the health/ science field.…

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