My Career Path For A Single Parent Household

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Growing up in a single parent household can be tough in terms of pleasing your parent. You’re not able to go and get a second opinion from another parent when making decisions. If he/she doesn’t agree with your decision it leaves a bad taste in your mouth because you don’t want to disappoint him/her. My mother probably expected me to graduate college with my associate’s degree and land a job at IBM. Introducing the idea of me becoming a nail technician to her was nerve-wrecking. I expected rejection followed by a lecture about what would be a better career path for me. Surprisingly after explaining to her why I chose the beauty industry, my long term goals, and how nail care will pay a role in my future career she was just as excited as I…show more content…
Kalea from k_bossnails, who is not only a celebrity nail stylist but an instructor, changed my way of thinking. Since I followed her on Instagram and snapchat I’ve been inspired and it motivated me to start my own career. It’s amazing how much expression can be put into a full set of nails. Nails have become a part of a female’s wardrobe. Everywhere I go someone compliments my nails and my nail “selfies” always receive a lot of likes. I’m on social media every day and I keep up with the latest trends. It’s only right that I join the beauty industry. Not only am I surrounded by beauticians but a few of them are successful salon owners. I too hope to own a nail studio. I didn’t just choose to be a part of this industry but I set goals for myself once I receive my license. Before I become a salon owner I have to prepare myself for the responsibility that comes with it. One of my friends offered me a position at her salon after I obtain my certificate. This is the perfect opportunity because I’ll be able to see firsthand the responsibilities of being an owner, and I will still get the experience of paying booth rent. I notice that the nail salons in my area rarely do promotions. At my friend’s salon not only do the beauticians have promotions, but they offer packages for the clients. We talked about adding manicures to the packages which could build my clientele. I’d be able to attract girls in high school with occasional
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