My Career Path For A Teacher Essay

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People have different goals of how they want to approach the right career path for them. They also have many different careers to choose from, they just have to find the right career for them. I however have not made up my mind. Right now I am working on obtaining a degree in Early Childhood Education. I haven’t decided whether I want to teach the younger kids or if I want to teach the older ones. After years of developing a passion of teaching, I’ve decided to take on the career of teaching.

There are many degrees that you can obtain to become a teacher. To be a preschool teacher you have to have earned at least an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood. On my road to earning my degree in Early Childhood and Child Development, one may discovered many opportunities to take to help get my degree faster. When I was a sophomore in high school, I learned about the Area Technical School here at Jefferson College and I liked the idea of earning college credit while in high school. I did a little more exploring and found the Early Childhood and Elementary Education program. I thought to myself about whether or not I wanted to go ahead and try the program. I filled out an application for the program and sent it in to be evaluated and revised. About a week later, I was called down to my high school counselor’s office and she told me that I had been accepted into the program.
As I started the program, I was very nervous about what would be expected in the program. When time
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