My Career Path On Museums

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I was nine years old when I went on my first adventure. Accompanied by my closest friend, I darted through forests and the ocean, explored a sailing ship and a twentieth century town, and marveled at the monumental carvings of native Canadians and an Ice Age landscape. That day my fourth-grade class was fortunate enough to travel to the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria. What seemed to be a grand adventure in the mind of a nine-year old was actually my friend and I racing as fast as our legs (and our chaperone) would allow us through the museum’s exhibits. I had always been an inquisitive child; however, that trip was the first time I truly understood how much joy I could experience while learning. I aspire to help others experience the childlike joy which I felt when first visiting the Royal BC Museum and I intend to achieve my goal by becoming a museum curator. I have chosen to focus my career path on museums because, as my childhood experience demonstrates, they are the ideal venue to encourage a lifelong love of learning. The process of learning in a museum is not passive, instead visitors are encouraged to seek our information for themselves. Not only is this activity enjoyable for the visitor, it also exemplifies the idea that we should be engaged in our own education and curious about the subject matter. Additionally, museums are a unique educational experience because their objects offer visitors a concrete connection to what they are learning about. Viewing
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