My Career Path

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There are many career paths to be taken when trying to decide what would best suit my skillset, but when you know your personality type it narrows those multitude of career paths down to what most others with your personality would be successful at in the job world. The personality I was listed as is an ESFP, people who have my personality typically go into the entertainment franchise. Seeing as how I have always wanted to be a musician and write music I have chosen my career path as a performer. I chose this path because I am at my happiest when I am writing music and it is very challenging to be successful as a performer which encourages me to keep writing so that one day I can achieve my greatest goal. That goal is to become known worldwide and create music that everyone listens to and enjoys with the same passion and love. Being a performer you have many job duties but the most important and essential are entertaining guests and interacting with them, keeping audiences alive and making sure that they enjoy every showcase of acts, and of course striking poses with customers for taking of pictures. Performers always know how to present themselves to an adoring crowd, what to say to keep them involved and wanting more. The material a performer uses for their show must be flashy and continual, to keep audiences entertained, but also relevant to the situation and be able to feel emotion from the crowd so they can provide the right response. As a performer though you may
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