My Career Path That Interests Me The Most Is The Foreign Service

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At this point in my life the career path which interests me the most is the Foreign Service. This is has been a career interest of mine throughout high school and continues to be today. Saying that getting a job in the State Department is hard is a bit of an understatement. After spending months researching others’ endeavors trying to get employed the Department of State, I’ve learned it is one long battle. You are essentially competing with yourself every time. Surprisingly with all the negative experiences of getting hired I’ve received, I still want to pursue it. For me, the biggest reason why I want to do this is the opportunity to travel and really immerse myself with people from various cultures. It is also about broadening…show more content…
People currently in the Foreign Service have said that the degree you go after doesn’t really make a difference. Age does matter, you have to be at 20 and under 59. Individuals must pass the standardized test and must be able to submit a resume with past experiences. After passing that test, you are invited to participate in the oral exam, where you have to play the role of an embassy officer and work with your team mates to solve complex problems. It also helps to be proficient in two or more different languages. The salary in the Foreign Service is a bit complex, people who want to go in to must understand its limitations. It is also important to understand that Foreign Service officers live around the world, not always in Washington D.C. and they are usually relocated every two to three years. Relocating every so often can become quite expensive, which is why Diplomats are offered a generous stipend or free housing overseas, this is done through a Quarter’s allowance. They will provide you with housing but all other luxuries (T.V, internet, cleaning, lawn service, servants, and deterioration of furnishing) are paid by the individual who resides there. If you have children, their overseas education is also covered. The agency also provides many more benefits. Besides benefits, the Foreign Service uses a pay-scale system that

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