My Career Path to Become a Licensed Physical Therapist

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Introduction My career path to become a licensed physical therapist is two years in; and plenty more years left. I am using this writing assignment to better prepare myself for future decisions I must make regarding the Graduate Record Examination, applying to graduate school, internships and work experience, and possibly specialization. I am hoping to gain pertinent information pertaining to all aspects of my future decisions. In Part I of my paper I will be researching specific graduate schools to gain a better understanding of specific requirements along with information about the Doctor of Physical Therapy program offered. I chose two graduate schools that I am interested in based on their location: The University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL and The Louisiana State University Heath Sciences Center in New Orleans, LA. I will also discuss information I researched about the Graduate Record Examination. In order to better prepare myself for applying to graduate school and gaining as much experience as possible I will be dedicating Part II of my paper to researching multiple internships and job opportunities offered in the Baton Rouge area. I feel that, as a sophomore, finding work experience and varying the different internships and volunteer positions I undertake will help make me stand out during the application process. Part III of my paper I will dedicate to researching different types of specializations and the process of becoming specialized, as well as
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