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My Career Plan As Paulo Coelho puts it, “When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. The moment I read this line in the book The Alchemist, I thought it did not make any sense. However, I later realized that what this quote means for me is that when I decide what I want, I just go for it. It took me some time to realize I wanted to be an accountant. I first had to learn about my weaknesses and strengths before knowing what career was right for me. My love for number, attention to details among other strengths made me conclude that forensic accountancy is the prefer career. It is a long way before I become one and I still don’t have the details of where I want to work five years from now nor what specific role. In these regard, I am very open minded. In order to detail my career plan, it is important to mention where I am today, how I decided to choose forensic accountancy, and where I want to be in five years. Where do I stand today in my career path? I am a first generation immigrant and college student. I received my associate’s degree of accounting in New Jersey at Hudson County Community College in December of 2014. I transferred to Pitt in the fall of 2015. Then, the spring of 2016, I transferred to the College of Business Administration, where I officially resumed my bachelor’s degree in accounting. I intend on becoming a forensic accountant, but to do so, I need to at least be a Certified Public Accountant and gain extensive

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