My Career Plan For Nursing Career

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Introduction: I have to admit in preparation of writing my nursing career, I found it very difficult to put a nursing career plan together. Over the past 12 years of my nursing career, I have learned that many of my experiences has molded my character. Nursing has so much to offer and I am fascinated by anything new that I am introduced to. I have worked in various places such as a cardiac transitional care unit, acute care rehab unit, school/camp nurse, in home nurse, and 1:1 nurse to mainstream children with developmental delay into public classrooms. So far, I have been able to enhance my connection with patients, staff, and each of the companies that I have worked for. Once I graduate, I will need to continue to bridge the connection to give accurate advice for treatment options based on higher education. I want to continue giving guidance to those who are new in the medical field and be able to offer empathy to each patient I encounter in my nursing career. Above all, as a trustworthy individual, bring integrity and honesty to the bedside in all I do. I want to be known as the nurse who showed compassion during their most vulnerable time. Nevertheless, I know that by using evidence based practice to further my education, this will enrich overall patient satisfaction based on their care, in collaboration with other team players. I strive to be the 80 percent of RN to obtain a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing (BSN) degree by 2020 (Health and Medicine Division
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