My Career Plan For Teaching English

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My degree program at UCO has been focused on teaching English as a second language to adults; however, my career plan includes teaching English literature and language at secondary level. I plan to use my degree when students who are non-native speakers of English are a part of my classes. In these cases, I will use altered mainstream curriculum to teach English, a method known as Content-Based Instruction (CBI). While observing an English composition and research class, I encountered an instructor using a different approach to content-based instruction. The students in the classroom learned skills like how to use the databases of the school, how to paraphrase, summarize, and use quotations, and how to organize the parts of a college essay; but, the students were also introduced to a few grammatical constructs and were given explicit feedback on assignments. This use of meaning and form centered instruction gave them more interaction with the language and, most likely, resulted in increased understanding of the language. In his section of the Handbook of Research in Teaching English, Roy Lyster explains the concept of a “counterbalanced” approach to second language instruction. The research included suggests including intentionally modified instruction in a content-based classroom and providing meaningful use of the language in form-focused classrooms. The complicated part of the issue is how up implement the method. A form-focused language school has the freedom to

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