My Career Plan For The School System Essay

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Practice Setting Upon obtaining a MSW, my career plans are to become a LCSW so that I can counsel individuals whether it is with children or adults. The practice setting that I see myself working with after graduation would be the school system. As a social worker I will be exposed to many different population groups but the two that interest me the most that I would like to work with are children and the health/mental health population. Early detection of mental health and behavior issues in children and adolescents critical. Working in the school system I would be provided the opportunity to combine my interest of working with children and serving the needs of the mental health population. Children are very vulnerable and without the proper guidance and support they can easily make bad decisions creating a cycle that leads to even worse decisions. Children in schools go undiagnosed everyday due to the need for mental health professionals on staff. There is a high rise of students in school settings who has some kind of mental health issue and it goes undetected. While schools do have guidance counselors, their job is scheduling, college preparation, and making sure the students are taking the right classes in order to graduate. Guidance counselors are not trained mental health providers, having someone on staff in schools on a more regular basis to provide ongoing services for children who have emotional concerns or social concerns to students who families cannot afford
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