My Career With My College Career Essay

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Starting at a young age I always had an interest in helping people in some shape or form. A true interest in the social service field did not come along, though, until middle of my college career with the help of my current profession in foster care. Connecting with people of different education levels throughout school to either help them understand the lecture material or to work with them to problem solve the lecture material together always came easy to me. It was then I knew I have an apt for connecting to people on different levels. My interests changed throughout my college career. Once enrolled in college, I believed I had an interest in Pre-Med with a specialization in Pediatrics. With my love for Math, Science, and children, I had assumed that becoming a Pediatrician would be the right field for me. After taking more classes and discussing future career goals with my peers and counselors, I knew it was not for me. Once I enrolled at Northern Illinois University, I declared my major as Psychology. Up until then, I had only take two or three classes in the field and did have an interest for it. When searching for degrees to major in, I felt that Psychology interested me more than the other degrees. I knew I wanted to be in the social service field. I graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology. Throughout my two years there and other two years at Kishwaukee Community college, I’ve earned a place on the Dean’s List

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