My Caring Science Rather Than A Medical Curing Science

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Watson focuses on a caring science rather than a medical curing science. The Transpersonal Caring Theory does not have a specific pathway for one to follow in order to achieve the understanding and the ability to apply the theory to practice. In order for one to understand the theory, itself they have to be able to let others in to both their physical, spiritual, and mental world. There is a level of commitment by both parties to allow them to be open to another. Thus, the nurse is able to follow the caritas process, and enhance the normal nurse patient relationship. Watson explains that healing can within the mind, body, and spirit. The nurse can be present in the caring moment through actions, words, feelings, thoughts, and intuitions. Simplicity The theory may be viewed, as simple since caring is essential to the nursing profession. However, the key components of the theory may be difficult for some to understand since it deals with conversations beyond the focus of the physical ream. The base of the theory is for the nurse to be open to the mind, body, and soul to themselves and the patient. Generality – refers to the scope of the concepts and the purpose of the theory (Alligood, 2014). The Accessibility – are the concepts/ statements grounded in empirically identifiable phenomena (Alligood, 2014)? Importance and Improvement – The theory does give guidance to nurses for improvements within their personal selves but also to give patients a sense that caring goes

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