My Challenge Of Writing

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My biggest writing challenge this semester has been trying to think of meaningful responses to other people's discussions. This is in part because I waited until the last hour to respond and multiple people already responded to the discussions and I didn't just want to copy somebody's response. But also, it is just very hard to respond to some of the discussion topics.
A rediscovered strategy that I took from high school is turn my phone off. It is a very obvious strategy but it can be difficult to accomplish. If my phone is not turned off and put in a different room, I will find any excuse to use it. When I am not distracted, then my mind is focused on my paper and my writing flows.
I selected the OPW 3 “Writing Rocks” essay. I believe that this was a very good essay for me because it was easy to write because I could connect with it the most. I am sure I can expand on it and include more ways that I can relate to it. I will enjoy writing about the article because in addition to it being easy to read it also kept my attention and was entertaining.
Completing this portfolio, I learned that writing essays is as hard as I made it seem in high school. I actually look back and laugh at the times when I was upset because we had to complete a one page essay. I am more up to the challenge of writing, as long as it is interesting, and I can write for much longer than I use to be able to. I also learned that I am not alone in my struggle to write and that other people, a lot
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