My Characteristics Of Being A Good Teacher

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4 weeks, 6 classroom observations, 10 teaching practices, 2 conversation facilitations, 1 one v. one private teaching session, multiple homework assignments, and numerous lesson plans later - all totaling to 140+ hours of hard work - and here I am at the finish. This is experience was demanding and challenging to say the least, in a positive way. I learned so much and experienced the EFL teaching world first-hand. I played on my strengths as an educator and worked through my weakness to grow. I discovered teaching approaches that I could use to my advantage, as well as evolved my classroom control and rapport with students.
What is a good teacher?

It’s easy to become a mediocre teacher. To be a good, even great, teacher is hard work and dedication. Maria Orlando gives 9 characteristics of a great teacher, here are just a few I agree with: a teacher who respects students, creates a sense of community and belonging in the classroom, has his/her own love for learning and growing, continuously collaborates with other educators, and maintains professionalism in all areas. Adding onto this list with a few of my own characteristics I possess are: a teacher who is pleasant to be around, sensitive to the students needs/feelings, enthusiastic, hardworking, committed, driven, and organized. To become a great teacher, I intend on continuing to work hard and stay committed to my goal. Even when I think I’ve reached my destination, I will continue to find new ways to
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