Development Of Matthew James Slusher

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Introduction I conducted my child develop project on Matthew James Slusher, a four year old little boy who resides in Southern California. He was born on May 14, 2012. He is an only child raised by his single mother Noemi Mamauag who gave me permission to use him for the experiment. I have known Matthew since he was born because he is my little cousin. I conducted the first observation on the 26th of November in his home in Fontana. The other two were done at my house in Fremont while they were visiting.
Cognitive Development According to Piaget’s stages of development, Matthew is in the pre-operational stage of development which is the second out of the four stages. I was able to figure this out because of his age (4) and because of
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He showed no signs of egocentrism, which is the difficulty of taking in another person’s point of view. I asked him if he had a brother or sister, to which he replied “no”. I then asked him if siblings had a brother or sister, and he said, “ I don’t have a brother or sister. It’s just me and mommy”. When I asked him why the sky was blue, he replied “because it is so very high”, and pointed up his finger, jumping up and down to emphasize his point. When I asked him why it gets dark out, he explained that it is because it is time to sleep and playfully pretended to do so. This shows that pretend play applies. Also when I asked him if the ocean was alive, he responded “ yes because it makes water”. He also believed that a car is alive because “ it makes a vroom sound”, displaying that animism also applies.
Albert Bandura’s theory of observational learning states that an individual learns certain behaviors by observing and imitating other people. Matthew did this when he was playing with my 6 year old sister, Katie, my 6 year old cousin, Aifa, and his 5 year old neighbor, Jaiden. They were all in the toy room. When the three older kids wanted to play pretend kitchen, Matthew dropped the action figure he was playing with to try to join them. He was at first confused on what to do, but when he noticed Jaiden putting fake food on pans, he then
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