My Child 's First Orthodontic Office Offers Full Preventive Orthodontic Treatment For Children

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Boca Raton, FL Preventive Orthodontic Services
Our Boca Raton, FL orthodontic office offers full preventive orthodontic treatment for children. We can monitor issues to determine what treatment, if any, is needed, and help to prevent larger orthodontic problems. Below you will learn more about your child’s first orthodontic appointment, common issues among children, and how we can help. Feel free to contact our office with any concerns you may have.
Your Child’s First Orthodontic Appointment
Dr. Eckelson knows how important early orthodontic care may be for your child’s facial and dental development. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children should be screened for orthodontic needs at age 7. Dr. Eckelson offers a free evaluation of your child’s dental and facial development. Most children do not require urgent care, but those who do can often experience more difficult and expensive problems later on if not treated at a young age.
Together with Dr. Eckelson, you and your child will walk through the process of needs, timing, and appropriate treatment appliances to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Usually, early treatment, if needed, will decrease the amount of future care needed. Whatever your child’s needs are, Dr. Eckelson will put your mind at ease with a thorough explanation of the timing and application of treatment.
Common Childhood Problems
There are a few common childhood issues that we always check for when seeing a patient for the first…
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