My Childhood And Adolescent Years

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In every person’s lifetime, they experience phases of life in all aspects. Phases of life that people endure are comparable to opening a door to enter a room. Whether a person enters an area through a door or over a bridge, they are entering another place from the one they were in previously. Entering another phase of life is similar in numerous ways to passing through an entryway, as an unambiguous person or group of people can exit a timeworn phase of life and move on to another one. My escapade to UMass Lowell acts as a lifelong road; one that has engaged various turns throughout my childhood and teenage years, and has plenty of points of interest located at my memorable moments. My childhood and adolescent years before college were an endless roadway that has gone through a long cycle of straightaways and turns. Since I was a toddler, I have lived my life with a condition that is common in an intermediate percentage of other toddlers known as autism. Ever since my diagnosis, every moment of my life has always been something different than the moments that have happened before. The road of my life would always stay straight when I would develop into a change that would remain constant for a while, and would often turn for a healthier or poorer moment of my life whenever it would happen. The path my life’s road would travel through depends on the temporary or permanent alterations that would occur in me, whether physically, mentally or socially. My road’s path also…
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