My Childhood And Teenage Years

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There are still a few more things regarding my childhood and teenage years that significantly shaped my character but also were the reason of huge struggles with myself and a great pain. Living with my immediate and extended family in a tiny 550 square feet apartment was a school of sharing everyday objects, food (if there was enough bars of chocolate in the store and mom was able to get one, we shared that hard earned bar of “magical” snack with 6/7 people), patience, cooperation and respect one another. Aren’t they features that are helpful to function agreeably with other people?
I really liked that time of my life and even though my dad was not with us, I felt safe and loved. When my father came back from Iraq (he worked there as a builder for two years), we moved to his parents’ apartment and lived with father’s mother for some time, before she went to live with her sisters. Years between I was 7 and 19 years old were a sort of unpleasant dream. My father used to get drunk every day and he often stroke my mom, he even stroke her when he was sober. He never respected her, never talked to her nicely, he was always distant, always angry and almost always drunk. I remember one night when my parents began arguing, I entered the kitchen and wanted to separate them (I was about 7 or 8 years old) and saw my father holding an axe in the air; now I know I came just in time, because when he saw me, he dropped it on the floor and mom immediately took it away. From that moment I…

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