My Childhood And Teenage Years Essay

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I was in a heavy sleep when the shouting of crude remarks and curse words penetrated my bedroom walls and woke me. I was accustomed to noise coming from my parents’ bedroom late at night. They spent a huge portion of their bedtime arguing. Their arguments ranged from the most trivial things like the flushing of the toilet to more complex matters such as whether my mom spoils me. My parents also fought in the daytime. Basically, any time they shared a space an altercation was bound to happen. In some cases, I would be right there looking at them argue and other times I would fall asleep to their endless disputes. I spent a good amount of my childhood and teenage years trying to understand the nature of my parents’ relationship and marriage. They have been together for nearly thirty-one years. After being a part of their marriage for eighteen years, I began to draw my own conclusions about their relationship: it was unhealthy. Rewind back to 1984, New Year’s Eve, this marked the first time my parents ever met. My mom and her girl friends were dining at a restaurant on the Upper East Side. Coincidentally, my dad was also eating there with his co-worker. Apparently, they were regulars at the restaurant, and always ordered the most expensive dish on the menu. It’s a pretty simple story of how boy meets girl or girl meets boy, in which my dad walked over to her table and asked for her phone number. As the story unfolds, my dad would not call her until two months later.
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