My Childhood Church Experience

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lective Essay I grew up in a very average family, as far as religion goes. We are Christians practicing a very mainstream form of Christianity. We had sporadic church attendance, did not tithe as suggested by the church, but did donate money to the church and participate in volunteer activities and youth groups with the church. I would say that, regardless of denomination, my childhood church experience was very similar to the experiences that most people growing up in America, who self-identify as Christians, have in their churches. This generic experience made it relatively easy for me to go from my church to other churches with my friends in high school. They all had the same basic format: a prayer service for all members, a special youth-oriented service or activity for teenagers, and sometimes a breakfast, brunch, or lunch after the service. The various churches in my area hosted different events aimed at teenagers throughout the year, so it would not be uncommon for kids of all denominations to attend the lock-in at the local Methodist Church one weekend, and then a fall carnival at the local Catholic Church the following weekend. While there were certain activities, such as taking communion that were generally forbidden or discouraged among non-members, most of the churches had a very welcoming attitude towards non-members. My first experience where I felt like a member of an outcast group came when I went to church with a girl I had recently befriended in high
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