My Childhood Experience

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The experiences of my past being shitty. It goes without saying that my childhood was mostly a learning experience than so much of a childhood. These are the experiences that made Alexandria Wells! This is an essay is not only on my childhood but also about the lessons I have learned throughout my childhood.
Before even becoming a seed, I was only worth $300 to my biological father. My mother, originally from Haiti, coming to the US for better opportunities, with an English vocabulary of a 6th grader, no papers. From the day, I entered this world I only knew her as both my mom and dad. Looking around the rooms of Arnold Palmer Hospital waiting for a “dad” to come give me a kiss on the forehead like my mom did. I remember being hid in the closet with a note and cash, several times when ICE was going around knocking on doors. Not because she didn’t love me but because she wanted more for me! My mom married the devil himself in 06’, but at least that meant no more hiding in the closet. She became an US Citizen, which was far more exciting back then. My existence started to fade at the age of 12, her husband felt the need to express the fact that I’ll never be his child and my younger siblings, were going to be greater than I could ever be. Things got worst, 2009 we lost all our assets thanks to my stepdads gambling issue. I had to leave my friends and my neighbors who were better parents to me than him. I had a least 11 dads, who lived in the same gated community as me
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