My Childhood : My Family

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Looking back on my childhood, the experiences that have shaped and molded into the person I am today were immensely influenced from my mother. Women from vast cultures are expected to be subordinate and tend to be oppressed by the men in their lives, and this was no different in my mother’s case coming from a Latin culture. Growing up, I witnessed my mother being subjected to the traditional gender role that handicapped her in gaining her own independence outside of my father. She was expected to be submissive, stay home, raise the children, clean the house, have dinner waiting when my father got home. She wasn’t “allowed” to work because my father didn’t want her interacting with other men, nor did he want her to earn her own money because this would make her less dependent of him. Yet it was common knowledge that my father had extramarital affairs and everyone turned a blind eye. She had to ask for permission before leaving the house and in the instances that she didn’t, it always resulted in hostile arguments between them where I would fear for the safety of my mother. Growing up, I always questioned and wondered why my mother would choose to stay in such a one-sided relationship where she had no voice or power, where she wasn’t given the respect she deserved, or the opportunity to be her own independent person without being shamed or punished for it. It could have been due to: wanting to keep her family together at any cost, being financially dependent on my father,

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