My Chinese Family and Customs

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Languages My parents can speak and understand Mandarin, Cantonese, and Min Chinese. I can understand and speak Mandarin, Cantonese and some Min Chinese, but my brother can only understand Mandarin and short vocabularies in Min Chinese. My brother and I, speak Mandarin well enough to make sense. However, we are not able to read and write the language. The reason is, I came to Canada at a young age so, I never had the chance to finish elementary school where they would have taught me how to read and write. My brother on the other was not born here, so he never had a chance to go in depth of the language. We took Chinese classes here in Canada, but they were of no help because it’s not as effective as learning the language in our country of origin where we are surrounded by the language. My parents, however can still read and write in Chinese, a thing that I envy from them. My grandparents spoke in Min Chinese as their native tongue, but can also speak in Mandarin to clarify meanings I don’t understand. But, because Mandarin is not their native tongue, they cannot always clarify everything. When I speak to my parents, most of the time I mix my English and Chinese together because I know more words in English than Chinese, so sometimes when they ask for the translation I won’t know how to explain. Clothing Honestly, our family does not wear anything unique besides how regular people dress 24/7. Only on Chinese New Year do we dress up a little bit differently. We would
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