My Choice Of A Doctor Essay

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Have you ever had to see a doctor, but did not have the means, the access, or the time? Have a trained professional at your door in minutes. All the same amenities as being in the clinic right at home. As a patient you will have the ability to pick your doctor through our app, which will be assigned to only your case, along with access to a free trial to experience our services. Your choice of a renowned specialist with a great reputation right at your fingertips. Worried about price? Not a problem, stable rates and first hand assistance by any of our customer care representatives will be provided. At “Knock Knock Doctor’s In” we offer a free trial that will allow customers to experience the services we offer, as well as letting the customer choose from a range of general doctors and specialist. Our doctors are given the option of flexible schedules that they control. This gives our doctors the opportunity to work when they want to. “Knock Knock Doctor’s In” takes pride in individualized care tailored to each specific patient and their families. Our company takes into account outside factors that might affect our ability to offer services like traffic affecting our timeliness, human error, and performance instability from our doctors that may be caused by a bad mood. All these factors along with a case of poor management can make our company weak. As a new company, “Knock Knock Doctor’s In” sees the opportunity in extending the reach of health care and allowing more people
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