My Chosen Career Is Nursing

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My chosen career is nursing. Previously I thought I wanted to join the army, but I would not meet all the criteria to join and that is not something I’m strongly interested in anymore. My father happens to be a CNA at a veteran hospital in Gainesville, Florida. I chose this career because of the security of work and good pay. I love to help others and nursing is a perfect way to constantly “pay it forward.” Though I would probably prefer to work in a pediatric unit because of my love for children. I think this job relates to my personality and interests because I have been through a lot, therefore I naturally have a empathetic and compassionate demeanor. Another way it relates to me personally is that I do very well with kids and they genuinely bring me joy.

Nurses trained in pediatrics devote their knowledge and skills to caring for children and their families from infancy through the late teen years. Nurses specialized in this normally complete progressive training in pediatrics and task closely with doctors and other health care providers who share their adherence to children’s health. Like other nurses, pediatric nurses can perform physical examinations, measure vital signs, take blood and urine samples and order other diagnostic tests. Nurses with advanced training can construe test results to form diagnoses and establish treatment plans. Parents often adopt to have their children treated by nurses and other health providers who are pediatric consultants, because
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