My Chosen Field Of Career

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My chosen field of career is in the importing and exporting industry, and my chosen career after graduation is, import/export coordinator. According to my research the most dominant responsibilities required for the job are: 1. Preparing all necessary documents for conducting shipments, which includes delivering slips, Export papers, dangerous goods and shipping labels for domestic and international customers (Workopolis, 2016) 2. Coordinating and organising communications between sales groups and national or international customers (, 2016) 3. Coordinating and monitoring logistics of the movement of part, supplies and materials within an establishment, and ensure that supplies, materials and products are shipped and received on schedule ( Online, 2015) 4. Acting as the liaison between customers and other offices/agents/vendors, and effectively communicating the shipping details to the customer whereby advising appropriate individuals of order changes as they occur (indeed, 2016) (Indeed, 2016) 5. Auditing and approving transportation and customs declaration bills (SimplyHired, 2016) 6. Providing high quality customer service, building & maintaining relationships with customers & carriers (Maltacourt Global Logistic, 2016) Strength Quest Findings After completing the Strength test, I discovered that my main five strengths are; Relator, Empathy, Arranger, Harmony and Connectedness. After my discovery I was deeply amazed how well each strengths defined me.
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