My Chosen Programme Of Gok Wan

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My chosen programme that I will be discussing in this essay will be ‘Goks Fashion Fix’ that airs once a week on Channel 4. Gok Wan continues to show the audience how to look great on a budget and aims to get rid of peoples wardrobe disasters. He travels across the UK and visits towns that have people who forgot about keeping up with fashion, putting their closet of shame on display. Gok picks a random person weekly that needs to change their ways in fashion and offers them a major makeover. ‘Goks Fashion Fix’ is made up with the common programme characteristic having the television presenter Gok Wan who is an English fashion consultant and an author. Having a well-known presenter which is an expert in fashion will make the audience…show more content…
We can also see the ‘reveal and reaction’ of central importance when at a point the participant are not able to see how they look while they are getting dressed, hair and make-up done for them. Once they are able to look at themselves in the mirror the audience finally get to see the reaction they’ve been waiting for all along, we can see this as the entertainment of the programme. Documentaries are known to be informative and enlightening while reality TV is known to be entertaining and diverting but they can both share the same modes. ‘Goks Fashion Fix’ depends heavily on the expository mode, in the beginning of the programme short clips are played of previous episode to make the audience understand what the programme aims to achieve and also gives them an insight of what’s going to come up next. In this way the audience will want to watch the programme to the end believing that it will meet their expectations. Another element of the expository mode in Goks Fashion Fix is the voice-over linking it with visual images which is used when Gok Wan is not presenting. According to Bill Nichols the expository mode adopts voice-of-god commentary or voice of authority commentary, in this case voice-of-god is used because the speaker is heard but is not seen, instead there are visual images being used ‘the commentary is typically being presented as distinct from the images of the
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