My Chosen Sector Is The Health Sector

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My chosen sector is the Health sector. The Health sector includes hospital management firms, health maintenance organizations, biotechnology and a variety of medical products. There are a few ways to provide health care to the clients: in the home, community or at health facilities. My chosen setting in the Health sector is an antenatal ward. My chosen clients are women who are pregnant and have complications or are unwell in pregnancy. Clients can come in any ethnicity. Usually these clients are from the age of 16-40 however there are anomalies. The health sector is things to do with people’s health and wellbeing at any point throughout their life. Many centres deal with health and help people to be healthier and live for longer. These range from hospitals to your local clinic. Also, clients can range from the age of a new-born baby to an extremely elderly person. In health care, it involves diagnosing illnesses, prescribing medicine and treatment, and preventing future illnesses. They can also help cure physical and psychological problems, such as a torn cartilage (physical) or post-natal depression (psychological.) Health care is provided by many practitioners, e.g. dentists, midwives, surgeons and chiropractors. ‘Health care’ can mean Primary care, which is usually a GP surgery, secondary care, which is a hospital, and tertiary care, which are specialist care centres. Most of the parts in the health centre are funded by the NHS, which is funded by taxes that people
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