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The idea of “playing” when it comes to our faith sounds a little silly. Yet, I am reminded of this especially over the past couple of weeks because of one of the pastors who I admire and have been thankful for his mentorship is retiring this month. As I write this letter, Rev. Chuck Erzkus, who was my internship supervisor when I served in Cumberland, Maryland, is retiring on August 13th after serving for over 35 years of ministry. I was able to attend his retirement party on August 6th and reminded of what excites me about serving as a pastor and especially with a congregation. The thing which excites me the most about ministry is having the ability to have fun or even play within one’s faith/calling.
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This probably gives you an idea of why I am this goofy when it comes to worship. Jesus tells the disciples to “let the little children come” and we are told to have faith like a child. The reason, I believe we are to have faith like a child is because to a child, there are no restrictions when it comes to faith. Children are always curious, children are always excited (most of time), they always want to try, and they always want to play. As I have experienced, not lately but I am trying to relearn myself, is that when we play in our faith, we experience something different. We experience the love, passion, and grace which comes through God. I picture God playing when Creation took place, I mean look at the platypus. Sometimes, when we play in our faith, we feel God closer because it tears down the walls of us trying to put a box on God. Because of playing with our faith, there has been moments of excitement (look at raising cans just so I can wear something Pittsburgh Steelers). My friends, as we continue growing in our faith, may you play a little. Be willing to try something a little new, like talking about some of the silly things you heard in Pastor’s sermon or even in the Gospel lesson. You just might be surprised the other ways you can experience God’s love when

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