My Church Context At New Creation Ame Church Essay

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During my examination of my church context at New Creation AME Church, I have determined that I will explore the topic of “Restart Churches”. In my current context, the church has been in existence for twenty years, with no physical church home. Given the history, dwindling membership and financial issues, I would classify this church as a Restart Church. Restarts are churches that fall into two categories; those that are either failing, or have failed and those that have assessed that restarting or starting over is the only way to invigorate their church plant or ministry in a way that will thrive and become viable. The term restart covers the gamut of churches a majority of which are small, and in a declining phase of ministry or stuck in the mire of inertia with little or no church growth. A Restart Church is comparable to rebooting your computer. If you experience a problem with your personal computer and the screen freezes or locks, you just press Alt, Ctrl Delete and your computer will soon restart. Restarting a church process is a very arduous, time-consuming process that involves many varying factors that play a part in how long it will take to get moving and become active. Dr. Aubrey Malphurs, Senior Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership and Pastoral Ministry at Dallas Theological Seminary, estimates that 30 to 40 % of churches will close their doors after the first few years. An Estimated 55,000 churches will cease operations from 2005 -
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