My Classroom And Curriculum For Pre K Through Kindergarten Classroom

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Hello my name is Anthonette Hughley; we know that Pre-K through Kindergarten classroom is important, this is how and when the children are taught. In this final paper I will discuss the theories and / or philosophies that reflect how I will envision my classroom and curriculum for pre-k through kindergarten. The concepts I would teach in each of the academic area, and finally I will include two activities that I would do with the class that coincides with the philosophies of the National Association for the Education of Young Children Standards.
I have chosen the age group of 3-5 years of ages, pre-k - kindergarten; As a teacher I have plan to create activities for the child developing age-appropriate social and emotional skill. It is
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(Eliason & Jenkins, 2012) Play was an appropriate means of learning to Froebel. The time children spend drawing, using manipulatives, sing songs, and finger plays it was allowing them to learn.
The second that come to mind was Jean Piaget (1896-1980) a Swiss psychologist, which made significant contributions to educational psychology and early childhood education. (Eliason & Jenkins, 2012) He felt the teacher is designer of activities appropriate to child s level of development. Piaget s principle which states it is through children s own exploratory processes, they are able to develop the power to generalize, differentiate, and coordinate their concepts of reality, building concepts based on their experiences of the external world. (Berk, 2003, pg. 219) Their understanding of the world changes as they grow. It is these theories and others from earlier educators helped us today and in the past get a better understanding of the children s development.
Pre-K through kindergarten class is where children experiences learning that we help them grow a positive self-image along with the emotional, social, and intellectual skills necessary to be successful in the classroom. My curriculum would help create a sturdy basis in the growth of independent learners. It is where I as the teacher will guide the children to some choice-based activities which can create some independent learners. The classroom activities for the
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