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A Classroom Design According to Piaget ECE 332 Child Development
Carmen Anderson
June 29, 2013

When the brain is able to learn naturally we call this theory brain based learning we use our brain everyday to acquire and take in things that we learn and children are no exception. According to Jean Piaget’s cognitive developmental theory children use their brain to think, reason, and remember. Based upon his observations, he concluded that children were not less intelligent than adults, they simply think differently (Cherry, n.d.). Piaget described his theory using stages that children go through as they mentally mature. In his description of children he called them "little scientists," actively trying to make sense of the
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Another feature that children display during this stage is animism. In other words children believe that inanimate objects such as toys and stuffed animals have human feelings and intentions. Piaget believed that by age seven children are no longer egocentric because they can now see more than just their own point of view. It is important that teachers, who use Piaget’s theory to teach, design a classroom in which these theories can be focused on. In the layout below you will see a design of a classroom that aligns with Piaget’s theory and we will discuss some activities that can be used in the classroom to help children develop in their learning. This classroom is designed to promote growth and development so that young children can express themselves while learning about the world around them. There will be several centers where the children will be able to explore and learn through play both alone and in groups. The design provides quiet areas for activities such as napping and reading and activity areas where they can take part in dramatic play and construction. It is important that the classroom be print rich, so everything in the class will be labeled with words and pictures this will help promote growth in language skills (Funk, n.d.). The classroom design chosen allows easy access for students to move freely without being overcrowded. In the dramatic play area children can play freely and use their imagination to become whoever they
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