My Classroom Is A Necessity For Students

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Question 1 In education, there are many worthwhile goals to pursue, including developing moral character, preparing students to be responsible citizens, and promoting excellence in coursework. The means of accomplishing these goals varies depending on the context, and because the interpretation of what each goal intends varies. To me, developing students in these areas means that I must prepare students to be successful in the 21st century, which is full of diversity, technology, and complex issues. I have specific ideas of what each educational goal means and how I might achieve those goals in my classroom.
To begin with, developing moral character in my classroom is a necessity for students, since I believe morality must co-exist with the rationality in order for mathematics to be applied to real world problems. I agree with Noddings (1992) who believes that there is “too much emphasis on a narrow form of rationality and abstract reasoning” (as cited in Stengel, 2006, p. 103). When I consider the push for STEM coursework, I am concerned with students being able to use their knowledge in an ethical manner. My stance on how to develop and evaluate moral understanding is closest to those brought about in the Enlightenment by men like Kant. During that time, the teaching of morals and knowledge was focused on understanding laws, whether universal scientific laws or those laws that guide a person internally (Scheuerman, 2014a, p. 1). Specifically, I believe it is most
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