My Classroom / Learning Style

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Teaching, both as a teacher and as a student, has changed drastically over the years. Even as a student for the past 16 years of my life, I have found that even my classroom / learning style has developed as I age. Not only has my learning style changed, but the way that teachers teach has evolved over time. On another personal note, within my student observation classroom, I spoke with my cooperating teacher about her varying teaching style and how she incorporates all types of learning across various subject areas. Ms. F mentioned that she has had to change the way she teaches a variety of times depending on the learning capabilities of her students. Much like the psychologists and theorists of the past, Ms. F has come to base her…show more content…
When the behavioral way of teaching falters, teachers have found that the sociocultural and constructivist ways of teaching can help pick up the slack. “These theories inform many teachers who believe it is their job to help ALL students develop the intelligence, understanding, and problem solving skills necessary to fil important roles in a diverse and democratic society” (Oakes, 163). Since the 1960s, researchers have come to find that learning is actually an active experience. This means that in order to learn, students must interact with others in order to make sense and comprehend the material. They can take their experiences from the outside world and use them to their advantage, by relating them to things they learn in the classroom. Theorists Piaget and Vygotsky prided themselves in their understanding of how childhood learning in is in direct correlation with how children develop cognitively. This was revolutionary Sociocultural and constructivist theories place inclusive principles at the center of their learning. These theories also encourage a broader view of culture and suggest that teachers have a powerful role in providing all their students with opportunities (Oakes, 167). Encouraging a broader view comes with advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, there are numerous ways that an educator can incorporate a sociocultural environment into the classroom. For example, treating differences as assets, setting high
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