My Classroom Philosophy : Teaching Children Behaviors That May Be An Important Part Of The Lesson Plan

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My classroom philosophy is to give children opportunities to use knowledge that is taught in learning activities. Teaching children behaviors that result in success that can be established and used throughout their lifetime. Being flexible but firm when implementing rules into a classroom is important to see what will work with students, and adjusting when necessary. Knowing each and every student personally so they feel safe and comfortable is important to my classroom management. Encouraging every student to do their best in a positive manner so that we gain trust in each other. Being a caring person, I can show the student sympathy, yet encourage them to do their best work in all that they do. Using engaging curriculum to help motivate…show more content…
This can help students know better what is expected of them. Rewarding the entire class for a job well done at the end of a week helps build team camaraderie. Students could earn points or tally marks to earn extra free time at the end of the week. Troubled students could get help from those students who do good and they can learn from their peers. When interacting with a student it is important for the teacher to be positive, brief, and then leave to the next student, when observing the class work being done. Theorist Fred Jones states “discipline is not punishment, it is teaching students how to behave appropriately in different situations” (Bandura, Margolis, & McCabe, 2006). Every child comes to school with different knowledge, upbringing, and experiences. Learning about the children in a classroom and their likes and dislikes can help a teacher engage the children to keep them focused on learning. I believe in the Jones positive discipline model which promotes improved teacher efficiency to avoid misbehavior in the classroom by highlighting student enthusiasm and positive rewards. B. Classroom Expectations and Rules Classroom rules could vary per grade, but for the most part in my classroom I would want children to… Expectation 1. Believe in yourself 2. Try your best 3. Use your manners 4. Be respectful, responsible and safe 5. Be honest and helpful 6. Take turns 7.

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