My Classroom Rules And Limits

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Next I must review my classroom rules to remind Yanelis that my classroom rules and limits were set there to support every student, including her. This will serve as a reminder for any future misbehaviors. To sum up, another effective solution would be to obtain parents support, I will not be totally efficacious in modifying extreme attitudes without their help.  Implementing the Solution. Yanelis evidently has a strong social need, as a result, social interactions are very important to her. In this case, she doesn’t realize that she is expressing an undesirable conduct. She needs to experience some sort of takeover through talking. I must initially create consciousness in Yanelis to make her aware of the unacceptable conduct that she is displaying. I will then inculcate her to pick up where she left off her activities and start focusing more on the tasks as the rest of the students are doing. Before contacting her parents, I will approach her in private and with caution explain Yanelis all my directions and procedures for disobedience to give her a chance. Similarly, I will explain to her that my rules are set to guarantee her and the rest of the class success. My purpose is to confirm that she knows that I am available and friendly to any concern she might have with the finality to mutually address it and work in the direction of the best resolution.  Assessing improvements Following Yanelis progress, I have noticed some advances in her learning
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