My Clinical Experiences Working With My Preceptor

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My clinical experiences working with my preceptor thus far have been constructive. She holds strong organizational and leadership skills necessary to interact with stakeholders at all levels within the organizations. My preceptor provided guidance and insight in choosing my project focus, to create another infection control position in the hospital, because I have never performed this function in my management role. Joyce believed the proposing approval for an additional position for the Infection Control Department would be the most beneficial learning experience for my practicum to tie in both leadership and organizational transformation. My preceptor examined my self-assessment write-up and discussed my leadership style, while offering insight of my weaknesses and strengths. Her leadership style combined the various leadership styles as the situation at hand when providing me guidance. She suggested doing a self-reflection of myself to determine these weaknesses and strengths to determine my personal goals in becoming an effective leader. She also provided guidance in the development of my goals and objectives to meet the assigned SMART goals. She said that a goal is an overarching principle that guides one’s decision-making, which is literature based.
I attended many meetings with my preceptor that offered provided me a better understanding of our hospital’s organizational development through leaderships eyes. The administrative team meeting discussion was based on the
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